Climate Dress – CO2 sensing fashion

Climate-DressThere is a high probability the Climate Dress was made by a Danish cooperation consisting of design studio Diffus, Danish designer Tine M. Jensen, Swiss embroidery company Forster-Rohner, the Danish research-company Alexandra Institute and finally the Danish School of Design.

Sadly, the recently broken closed down climate conference COP15 did not come up with any significant agreement or result on addressing the arising problems CO2 has on pour climate, the Climate Dress might be the best thing to look for now.

The Climate Dress is made of conductive embroidery and contains over hundred LEDs inserted into the embroidery.

The twist on this dress: it includes a CO2 sensor which monitors the surrounding air for the CO2 level, send the data to a LilyPad Arduino which then visualizes the pollution level via LED light pattern on the dress.

While the presentation of this functionality could have been done in a more ‘work-wear’ or other professional clothing item, alerting persons working in hazardous environments, I love the presentation in from of an fashionable dress which, to my opinion, is hammering home the message of CO2 and climate change more powerful than it would have been in work-wear.


The team around the Climate Dress did a very good job in designing a meaningful, wearable electronic object which points into a direction where we might end up having CO2 scanner and visualizer in our everyday clothing to see when it’s time to go indoors or to other less polluted places.


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