DIY Solar powered Bicycle Helmet

solar_led_biker_helmet.jpgAnother funstastic weekend is ahead of us so I thought to bring up something for the fun and creative side of you.

A DIY project seems to fit this requirements well and if a DIY project is somehow related to Wearable Electronic, we are hooked.

Caleb John Clark, a men who likes to document, distill and disseminate humanizing media in the area of instructional design (that are his words on his blog), created an Solar powered Bicycle Helmet with safety lights integrated.

You can find the complete instructions on Instructables, THE site to look for amazing DIY projects.

The Solar powered Bicycle Helmet uses a flexible solar panel, similar but smaller to the one we used for our DIY Solar Bag. The solar energy captured by the solar panel charges batteries which in turn give the power to LED lamps that make you more visible when you cycle on the dangerous streets at night.

The instruction is fairly simple to follow, no need to make a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) or getting any electronic components other than the solar panel with battery holder, some LED with holder and a switch.

Here is a link to a short video, demonstrating the helmet’s light in action.

This might be the right job for the weekend if you are a cyclist who wants to make an occasional ride after sunset. No problem with the Solar powered Helmet that has stored the suns light for your safety.


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