Solar powered Camera Bag

nova_bag.jpgEclipse Solar Gear has launched the Nova Solar Camera Bag gives the photographer an extra power source when on the road and additional power is needed.

This large cavity bag can store a digital SLR camera and 3 lenses with room for more accessories. The bag features adjustable dividers and foam to customize the interior to fit your specific camer gear needs.

So far, a typical Camera Bag. The added value / feature is in the top cover: a light-weight, flexible solar charging mocule that can charge AA and camera batteries by harnessing the power of the sun. Connection to cameras can be done by using your existing 12V auto adapter. Charge your camera batteries or AA batteries using the proper charging unit made for a particular digital camera.

But that’s not all, a cell phone or MP3 player can be charged in this way as well if you have the car adaptor for those products!

The Nova Solar Bag costs $150.- and can be ordered on Eclipse’s website.


  1. I agree with Alex S. This is such a cool idea but this shape can be difficult to carry. I prefer a backpack or sling belt. I think m-rock has some pretty cool choices that are light weight. Thanks for the post.

  2. this biggest camera i have never sen like this camera this include 3 lenses and it will have best feature are also Connection to cameras can be done by using your existing 12V auto adapter.

  3. Film photographers do the same things for years, by virtue of the darkroom. For the natural artists in photography, the digital age is only an extension of what we have been given. – I adore the photos above, especially the mystic mood conveyed from the bottom photo. Good work. Chrystal Leben

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