Life Dress

Life-DressLife Dress is a highly interesting wearable electronic design by Elizabeth Fuller, student at NYU’s ITP, and exploring wearable technology, web development and user interface.

The dress is formed out of soft silicon tiles containing each an LED. The tiles are electrically and physically connected, creating a dragon skin style dress.

Powered by an Arduino, the dress shifts it’s light pattern according to the rules of Conway’s ‘Game of Life’ which defines:  a lone cell cannot survive by itself but too many companions can overwhelm a cell and it will die. Each dragon skin square of the dress represents a cell that will light up or not based on the rules of life.

A beautiful concept that creates a ever changing, random light and color pattern on the dress – remarkable beautiful idea.

As each LED cell can be turned on or off individually, the dress can be programmed to display characters, emoticons or even serve as low-res display.

The complete process of making this dress can be found on Elizabeth’s project blog.

Even tough the use of silicon enclosures might limit the wearability of this dress, the concept idea opens, or should I say invites, to transform this concept to more textile like materials.

Embedding LEDs into textile patches and sew them together or create a separated cell structure on a sheet of fabric, using LED light diffusion material like thin foam to create a cell appearance or use the game of life animation on a dress which has spread LEDs all over – this concept will beautifully blend into our life by altering it’s appearance on a continuos basis like our life keeps on changing constantly.

The Life Dress is part of the NYU’s currently running ITP Winter Show.

[via: Gizmodo]


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