O’Neill Entertainment Jackets ready for the action

COMM_ENT_Jacket.jpg O’Neill‘s Entertainment jackets are finally in (online) stores. Yesterday we posted a video clip on how to set up the H4 Wearable Electronic Jackets and now they are in store to be picked up.

The Comm Ent Jacket is designed with the new generation of mobile phones in mind, the wearer is able to control the MP3 player on the phone via a soft-touch control panel located in the jacket’s sleeve.

The microphone is integrated in the jacket’s windflap and the Bluetooth connection between the phone and discreetly positioned jacket module (see also the video clip we posted yesterday) paves the way for effortless voice dialing, keeping the wearer connected at all times. Music playback is automatically paused in the event of an incoming call.

Available by advancedmp3players from UK for £399.- that makes it $ 835.- in the colors Black and White. I would say a very reasonable price tag for a good looking Snowboard jacket that controls your music and phone calls right on the sleeve.

ENT_JACKET.jpgThe Ent Jacket connects to your iPod, iPod Mini, iPod Photo, Nano & iPod Video. Available in both men’s and women’s styles.

Store the iPod safely inside the jacket and make your tune selection via the soft touch remote controls integrated into the jacket’s left-hand sleeve.

The Ent Jacket is for the iPod control and uses a different, joystick like control in the sleeve. Available in Orange and Black, advancedmp3players offers the Ent Jacket for £229.00 that is $ 481.-

No need to take out any of your gadgets and fiddling around with stiff fingers or gloves on your hand. The Entertainment jackets take care for the protective storage of your devices and takes care you don’t have cold,stiff fingers.

With the Entertainment jackets from O’Neill in store, you can get ready now with the best gear imaginable to start the Snowboarding season in full action.


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