Soft-shell hoodie controls the iPod from the hips

iPod-control-jacketSessions added to their technology enabled clothing range a soft-shell hoodie with a Skullcandy custom made soft keypad not as usually placed on the sleeve but on the waist line.

That’s a nice and refreshing twist in placing the soft touch iPod controls to some other place than the sleeve which is used in 99% of iPod controlling jackets.

This jacket offers two unique features: the Soft-shell technology, mostly used for outdoor jackets seals out wind and moisture while the the hoodie style gives it a laid-back appearance.

Next to the unique location of the iPod controls, a circular keypad design with the volume up/down and previous/next song touch areas arranged on the outer ring and the play/pause/stop button in the center of the ring.

The iPod connects on the inside of the front pocket. A audio port near the collar keeps the headphone wires inside the jacket to avoid wire tangling around on the outside. A truly music optimized jacket for the cold season.

The soft-shell Sessions jacket with Skullcandy control retails for $179.95 as seen on this online store.

Let’s hope we will see more variations on textile keypad designs and the way it is integrated into the overall style of clothing next year to cater for the individuality fashion shoppers expect.

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