Snowboard glove control for your iPod

glove_iPod_control.jpgThis Snowboard glove control for the iPod is not a commercially available product yet and might never appear in shops but it is an interesting concept demonstrator that shows a different approach compared to the many ‘standard’ solutions of iPod controls in clothing, bags and gloves.

What I like on this demonstrator is the use of metallic buttons that are connected to the electronics via conductive thread that is used to sew them on.

Bringing two of those buttons together will close the circuit and activate whatever function is assigned to those two buttons.

The usability in the demonstrated form might be not that great but this simple and unique idea could/should inspire others to create more diversity for Wearable Electronic products by using ‘everyday’ items fo the fashion world and transform them into something more intelligent.

[via: gizmodo]


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