The magic of illuminated clothing

Marco-Tempest-illuminated-jacketI have used the word ‘magic’ frequently when introducing illuminated clothing or other illuminated textile objects but after watching Marco Tempest, a new age magician and Techno-illusionist performing his light magic which includes light spots jumping between his hands and jacket, magical illuminated clothing got a new dimension.

While illuminated clothing on stage has found it’s followers among top artists, Marco is the first magician who includes his stage outfit into his magic light performance.

Marco’s jacket interacts with a light sphere where the light jumps from his hands to the front of the jacket, runs up his sleeves and escapes the jacket and is fetched again by Marco.

A interactivity with clothing only a great magician can envision.

You will be interested in the video segment between 1:10 and 2:35 minutes where Marco gives his stunning performance including the magical jacket.

No matter how I look at illuminated clothing, it has a magical power. Why else would people use it for special occasions like weddings, musicians to create a special effect on stage or many others to have some fun at a party.

Light is magical in every aspect but if textiles, which we are used to see only in colored variants suddenly light up, showing different colors, it’s truly magic.


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