LED cell carpet

LED-cell-carbetOne of the most extraordinary carpet designs I have seen comes from the Dutch company LAMA Concept. Called the LED Cell rug, made from pure wool felt strips with embedded LEDs that blend perfectly into the over carpet design.

I give the label ‘extraordinary’ because the designers of these carpet, Yvonne Laurysen and Erik Mantel, combined felt – believed to be one of the earliest techniques for making textiles with 21st Century eTextile technology to create this remarkable flexible carpet design.

The use of 100% pure wool felt, which is pressed and cut into strings, makes it a natural product which is non-flammable, soundproofing and water-repellent. These properties led to a showcase product for Airbus which covered the flooring of a business class cabin with the LED cell, giving a look of glowing gem stones radiating luxury and soft light.

The unique design in form of felt strings has the advantage to make rugs at any size easily and to replace simply the string where a damage on the carpet happens, no need to replace the whole carpet.


I like the simplicity of the concept and design, making the LED cell carpet a shining example of textile illumination.


  1. The LED cell carpet very creative concept design, I went to used your LED cell
    carpet at EXPO 2010 . Do your carpet have white color I will Print Some Graphic
    at Top . Pls give me some info

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