DIY eTextile projects from Kobakant

knitted-stretch-sensorKobakant, the joined DIY Wearable Technology Documentation project from Hannah Perner-Wilson and Mika Satomi keeps adding interesting must-read information for anyone interested into eTextile technology and design.

It’s one of my habits to check out this site on a regular basis (it’s easy via a news reader) to make sure I do not miss any of their interesting, little projects demonstrating how easy it is do add a bit of technology to old fashion sewing, weaving, knitting or crocheting.

Two of the little project couched my imagination, one is the ‘Star Light‘ using a Bow switch, similar to the one we posted about earlier.

Stitch one or two lines with conductive thread along a ribbon you want to use as bow switch, drape it around a shape, in this example a star with a Lilipad sewable LED, connect to a battery and tied the ribbon to switch on the star light.

The other inspiring example is the ‘Stretch sensitive bracelet‘, knit from conductive thread, resistive yarn and regular yarn, a Lilipad sewable LED and a battery.

When the bracelet is in the none stretched state the LED will be off, when stretched it will light up.

Knitting is a fairly easy process and can be done anyplace. Using conductive yarn makes knitting a perfect platform to create stretch sensors in any shape and size.


The stretch sensitive bracelet concept could be used for a knitted hat, making a LED light up when wearing it, cute for small kids or for increased visibility for grown-ups while jogging after sunset.

The nice thing: when the hat is taken off, the light is switched off by magic a knitted textile sensor – cute.

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