Illuminated wedding dress by Alison Lewis

Lighted-wedding-dressCreating illuminated clothing is not just about adding light points to a garment. It easily can end up being more a kind of Christmas decoration than a style statement.

Alison Lewis is one of the eTextile artists who understands the relation between technology and fashion design perfectly as her latest creation, the Lighted Wedding Dress, created for a friends wedding, demonstrates.

The illumination element of the wedding dress comes from the under skirt which is connected with a row of snaps to the interior of the dress. A smart and insightful design feature that allows to easily remove the glowing under skirt for the daylight ceremony when there is no need/use for this glowing feature.

To achieve an even, bright spotless illumination, Alison used the fiber-optic fabric from Italian based Luminex which gives a soft yet sparkling glow.

4x AAA batteries which are located in a hidden pocket provide the power for the illuminated under skirt.


I could not agree more with Alison’s philosophy of using light elements in garments: ‘The lighting design was intended to be simple with warm and cool whites. There were no flashing bulbs or severe bright spots. The spectacle of a lighted dress is enough on its own, there was no need to over do it with intense changing colors or a blinding reflection.

Especially the last sentence is important to keep in mind as fashion designer as it will make the difference between flashy, cheaply light effects or classy, sophisticated textile illumination.


  1. I love this wedding dress, simple and modern, would fit with my sister’s wedding, my sister will be married next year, was selecting an appropriate wedding dress design

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