Fan Hoodies with iPod control

Virginia-Tech-HoodioLimbGear® joined the interactive apparel market with the introduction of their InterActive™ Hoodio, a screen-printed hoodie which allows you to control an iPod from the sleeve.

Using hidden channels within the garment, the earbuds cable runs from the player which is placed in a pocket inside the hoodie and connected to the PANiQ eTextile control pad.

Functions like play, skip, pause, and more can be simply activated with a touch on the sleeve.

Currently two fan styles of the Hoodio are available, one for LimbGear fans and another one for Virginia Tech fans.

Each Hoodio retails for $84.99 at Campus Emporium and include the iPod control module from PANiQ. Just hook up your iPod to rock away. Want to hook up other personal devices like Bluetooth phones? check out the available modules from PANiQ, any of them will work with the Hoodio’s.

Your college doesn’t have an interactive hoodie yet? Check out LimbGears College range. If yours college is on the list, you will get a PANiQ enabled college hoodio soon. Just check back with us, we will keep you updated.

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