Luminous textile ribbon

LED-Textile-ribbonWe got word from a Taiwanese manufacturer who has developed a textile ribbon using a new, low resistant electrically conductive yarn with LEDs mounted on a ribbon which can be cut to sizes as needed and then connected to a control and power supply unit to light up this textile string.

Our source told us this product has passed the development and pre-production tests and will be commercially available in January 2010. Pricing is not fixed yet but should come end of this month.

Here are some of the unique features the Luminous textile ribbon offers:

The textile substrate can be any conventional type of fabric like polyester, nylon, polyethylene, …

The appearance of the Luminous textile ribbon can be finished by traditional textile techniques such as dying and printing.

The current maximum length of the Luminous textile ribbon is 300 cm but a next the generation will push this to up to 100m.

The SMD LEDs are mounted on the ribbon via a specially developed process, keeping the Luminous textile ribbon light wight and flexible like any conventional textile ribbon.

Best of all – the Luminous textile ribbon can be used in water. A great concern in textile electronic is the functionality of such products when it comes in contact with water, a situation clothing and bags are usually exposed.

This amazing Luminous textile ribbon seems to offer a cut-to-measure, water resistant, textile like illumination option for forward thinking fashion designer.


If you can’t wait until more details about the Luminous textile ribbon become available on talk2myShirt and like to get in direct contact with this company, please drop us a line via the ‘Contact us‘ function (on the top of the right side panel on our blog layout) and we will connect you with the company representatives.

The Luminous textile ribbon features sound pretty amazing. It will be the first commercially available textile illumination technology ready for the consumer market.


  1. I got a chance to play with this stuff, or at least I think this is the same light ribbon (there was no name on it). Anyways, I loved it. It is thin and tiny enough to hide and also economically powered, but with enough lights you could really enhance almost any object for decorative purposes or night safety.

  2. Yes! I want!

    Have you RGB strips? What about independent arrays, that is, there are separate wires for each LED so a display array can be made by sewing several strips together?

    Ideally perhaps 12 LED per strip, then I can sew 12 strips together, and use an Arduino Lilypad (maybe) to make a display array.


  3. I am interested in this as well. Is is possible to buy it? I would be very appreciative if you could send me some info on mail!
    thanking you in anticipation!

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