Quiksilver Sonic Impact speaker case: fashion for your iPod

quiksilver_iPod_case.jpgWhat do we get if a clothing company does a make over of an iPod speaker set? A high quality sound system for the iPod wrapped in a soft and hip looking packaging called the Sonic Impact Speaker case.

It’s not the first time Quiksilver softened the electronic as we have seen with their range of sound producing backpacks.

I have to admit, Quiksilver did a very good design job with the i-P23 speaker system that should give amazing sound judging on the specification that includes: Twin aluminum cone neodymium speaker drivers, advanced digital signal processing amplifier and advanced Maxxbass technology that provides an enhanced bass response while minimizing distortion.

This all sound like a little but powerful Boombox performance. Another highlight of the i-P23 case is the battery life time of up to 24 hours (coming from 4x AA batteries) of great sound.

Using this sound power case at home? Connect to AC power and you can recharge the iPod at the same time as you listen to your tunes.

But there is even more in this case: an alarm clock function to wake up your iPod which in turn wakes you up. And to glide over to the dreamland with soothing sound after a long day of hard work, there is also a sleep function in this case.

There is an excellent review of Quiksilver’s sound case on iLonge.com, check it out.

Case in point: refreshing style with the soft touch on the outside, great sound engine and smart features like the alarm function inside this case. I like the idea of fashion designer taking on electronics and give it the soft touch.

Click over to the Apple.store and get your case from Quiksilver for just $ 119.95


  1. I lost the adapter to my portable speaker system does any one know what voltage to use. Batteries are getting expensive.

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