Spyder Destroyer Jacket with sound control

Spyder-iPod-jacketSpyder is one of the brands making use of the Skullcandy wearable electronic system we posted about a few days ago. The Spyder Destroyer Jacket is available in the colors black and red-white with a Skullcandy electronics compatible exterior.

Integrated into the jacket is a flexible keypad and the eTextile cable system which provides a connection between the soft keypad and a connector inside one of the pockets to hook up an iPod.

Spyder is no newcomer to the interactive clothing business, the most talked and written about product was without questions the limited edition jacket back in 2006, one of the first iPod compatible jackets with a price tag of $3000.- (including iPod).

Times have changed and with the arrival of wearable modular systems, the price of having a  touch pad in a jacket came down considerable so even Spyder is able to offer iPod compatible jackets for $499.- as seen here.

Yeah – still not in the low (price) range but hey – it’s a Spyder jacket after all and there is no price  difference in the Destroyer Jacket line between Skullcandy compatible exterior or plain old fashion exterior.

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