Old tradition merged with eTextile technology – the LED Kimono

LED-Kimono Miya Masaoka, American born musician, composer and sound artist of Japanese descent is a master of the 17-string Japanese Koto zither who loves to enrich her musical performances with sometimes unusual elements like the movement of insects or the physiological response of plants.

Her latest sound experience enhancing creation is the LED Kimono which interacts with the performing elements of sound, light and the movement of the kimono sleeve.

The current concept model of the LED Kimono contains 444 individually controlled LED’s animated by a harmonic spectral analysis of the sounds being played. The harmonics (sound) is modulated to control the behavior of the LEDs.

The LEDs are sewn with conductive thread, one inch apart, into the Kimono sleeve. Eight 9 volt batteries are concealed underneath the kimono to provide power to the LEDs which are controlled via small Arduino processors sewn into pockets on the inside of the Kimono.

The LED Kimono is an extraordinary concept utilizing 21st Century technology to carry over the century old tradition of Japanese kimonos which are used to encode information about gender, caste, age, class and social ranking by their style, the colors and symbolic prints used.

Most of our clothing, even our today’s latest fashion trend is used to give coded messages of the wearer to his/her social environment such as status, beliefs, feelings and many more.

Check out the video below, it is one of the best videos of an wearable electronic concept I have seen:

[via: electricfoxy]

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