Garments that Sense with SmartLife Technology

SmartLife_T_shirt.JPG SmartLife® Technology Limited, a UK based company founded in 2003, has designed and developed a garment based system with integrated sensors for sport, personal health and wellbeing monitoring.

In sports, integrating sensors that collect data about a wearers body conditions help elite athletes (but also you and me) to optimize the training and performance.

The same sensor technology gives advantages in health care by collecting vital data for monitoring patients during critical and recovery stage without the need to be connected to wires speak: looking like a Cyborg.

Hazardous environments like fire fighting, emergency teams and yes, also military personnel depend on knowing the danger to their bodies during action like stress, exhaustion. Bulky devices that limit the movement especially in those life threatening/saving situations is the last thing those brave men and women need.

SmartLife_T_shirt_side.JPGThe common line for all those application fields is: e-textile technologies allow a seamless, totally none intrusive and obtrusive integration of sensor technology into garments and with that, the sensors are placed directly on the skin without any limitation on comfort for the wearer.

SmartLife’s technology enables garments to record full ‘clinical standard’ ECG in addition to heart rate, respiration rate, temperature and dry sensing. A garment fitted with those sensors remains fully washable.

We haven’t found any product on the market yet that uses SmartLife’s technology but all this sounds very promising and let’s cross our fingers to see a SmartLife running shirt on the shelves soon. I would leave my dear office chair behind and give it a run.

PS: couldn’t this be something useful for our gaming enthusiasts as well, getting the excitement=stress level direct from a shirt to the game?


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