LED Hat gives a new meaning to … Hats

LED_hat.jpgI have to lift my hat, so to speak, to wu-lee for the creation of the LED Hat. This concept of Wearable Electronic might not fall into the latest fashion trend but I do admire the creativity that motivated wu-lee to make this demonstrator.

You can find on this Site more details how wu-lee designed and created the LED Hat. It uses a mesh that carries 1024 LED!

That’s a lot of wiring and soldering. The construction notes are a very interesting and a inspirational read.

The great thing about this concept is that anything can be displayed on the matrix of 16 (vertical) and 64 (horizontal around the hat) pixels.

Images, icons, text, anything can be visualized in animated form to express yourself, light up your party or simple use your hat to advertise. Now that’s what I call ‘working with the hat head.

The integration looks very neat and clean and the animation that can be seen in the demo video give a very powerful idea of the potential that is inside this Hat concept.

wu-lee‘s construction notes might also serve as inspiration for students, DIY fans or even a mighty big company to come up with better, useful, practical and most of all more fashionable products that light up to positively influence our mood by changing the color of our clothing, bags and yeah – even hats.


Light, especially animated light displays that react to certain situations have always had a fascination and having the possibility to change our outfit (the color of it) in line of our emotions is one of the wishes of fashion designers as well as for consumer.

May the light come over out of our clothing soon.

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