Urban Tool – icaseBelt and ihipHolster for iPod and iPhone

Urban-Tool-icaseBeltUrban Tool, I like that name and their grooveRider shirts, has upgraded it’s famous carry gear for urban professionals with iPod and iPhone controls integrated into a multi functional belt and their trademark hip-holster.

Called the ‘icaseBelt‘ and the ‘ihipHolster‘, both products feature Fibretronic‘s CONNECTEDwear controls. No need to take out your devices, change songs, volume or pick up the phone right from your hips.

Using Fibretronic’s soft keypad system, other devices can connect to the belt and holster via additional CONNECTEDwear control modules.

Urban Tool designs gear that helps managing the little devices we call essential for our urban lifestyle by providing protection and connection between them and make them easy accessible to be at hand, no rummaging around in your pockets or bags.

Their belts, holsters, bags and shirts are designed in a rather unusual but chic style showing off our dependance on electronic gadgets rather than trying to hide them.

The cool Urban Tool ‘icaseBelt’ and ‘ihipHolster’ can be picked up for EUR 89,90 and EUR 99,90 (around $135.- and $150.-) via their online store.


  1. This is pretty neat looking. I haven’t seen any around my area, but it seems like a pretty cool way to stash a few things away and still look stylish while eliminating the need for a purse.

    Very chic as well.

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