Illuminated by wind – Flare Dress

Flare-DressA unique and playful concept, the Flare Dress lights up flower like LED pattern when the wind hugs you gently or, when there is no wind, you can blow on the flower shapes to make the glow.

Created by Dutch designer Stijn Ossevoort, the Flare Dress is a excellent example how a bit of electronic magic can add magical interaction to fashion.

It’s not always about function, creating emotion is as important as our dependence on features, we just have to find the right balance of it.

The challenge for wearable electronic design is to find this balance of functional and emotional design. We are used to talk and think about functional parameters like capacity, playtime, and most of all: what sense does it make, why do we need this?

In fashion, people hardly talk about the sense of having graphical patterns, of having colors or other style details not related to the function of clothing: to protect our body against harmful environmental conditions like low temperatures or skin damage.

Adding technology does not always have to make ‘sense’ in the functional view but serving as emotional function which is as important for our well-being as functional, sense making design.

Concepts like the Flare dress light the way for emotional clothing, emotions that interact with the wearer and the environment.

[via: Fashioning Technology]


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