Sakku starts selling Solar messenger bags in US market

sakku_solarbags.jpgSwiss based Sakku launched yesterday their US online shopping site, expanding their reach of Solar messenger bags beyond the EU market – great news for all environmental conscious folks around that care a bit more than the average about our planet.

The use of solar energy in itself is already doing a great favor to our environment. Sakku’s Solar Messenger bags add a twist to that by using recycled boat sails for the sakku.traveler model.

We have posted about the great environmental value Sakku’s Solar Messenger bags have and because of the combination of Solar technology and sustainable materials together with the recycling offer for ‘out of fashion’ bags, we have placed the Sakku Solar bags on the first spot in our Top 10 overview.

Sakku is offering two models, the smaller (13.78 x 9.84 x 4.72 Inches) sakku.worker (black), made from black cordura and the larger (18.5 x 13.78 x 6.3 Inches) sakku.traveller (white), made from used sails from sail boats.

On the technical side you have two options; each model comes as ‘direct‘ and as ‘akku‘ version. As you might have guessed already, the ‘direct’ version is supplying the energy from the solar panel straight away to your cellphone or iPod or any other USB chargeable device – much like our DIY Solar bag. The ‘akku’ version is storing the electrical power in a battery inside the bag in case your gadgets are fully charged but you are still out in the sun.

The bags use flexible, weatherproof solar panels which, as Sakku claims, charge a cellphone in around 3 hours with the larger solar panels used for the sakku.traveller and twice as long with the smaller sakku.worker bag. That’s pretty impressive, just 3 hours for a full charge.

Whatever your motivation might be to consider buying and using a Solar bag, the Sakku messenger bags seems a very interesting product, practical for topping up your power hungry gadgets with an environment hugging bag.

Sakku’s solar messenger bags price range is between $ 249.- for the and end by $ 459.- for the traveller.akku and you can order now direct on Sakku’s US online store.


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