Touch screen gloves

iPhone-glovesMany of my touch screen devices owning friends living in the colder parts of the world keep on complaining about their frustration of using their iPhone and others while wearing gloves.

Yes they know I am into clothing and bags with remote controls so their first stop is my inbox for getting tips what is out there and please …. don’t make me break my bank account.

OK – here is an alternative to the TouchTec gloves I have posted about last month which come in the range of $200.- and more.

Dots Gloves, one of the first companies offering touch screen gloves last year added new styles for this season retailing between $15.- to $25.- a pair.

Three finger tips are made of conductive yarn to make contact between the skin and the touch screen allowing next to simple swipes and taps the zooming and panning.

Some models are sold out already while others can be pre-ordered, let’s just hope Dots Gloves can deliver before the winter season is over.

echo-touch-gloveAnother low cost touch screen glove comes from Echo Design called the ‘echo touch gloves’ available in various colors and cost $30.- per pair.

Electrically conductive textile patches are on the thump and index finger tip allowing, next to tipping and swiping also zooming with two fingers on touch screens.

It’s kind of amazing how technology is driving (forward) nowadays how clothing has to work, function. Without these touch screen enabled gloves one is pretty left out in the cold if one likes to use the touch screen gadgets all year around.

This might look like a very basic, small step for technology enabled clothing but as technology advances, I am very sure more technology will (need to be) integrated into our clothing.


  1. It would be great if you did a follow up on new touchscreen products in the market. For instance, my company, GLIDER GLOVES offer superior hand protection, but also retains robust tactile touch along entire fingers and hand (and offers supper precise and accurate response).

    They sell for $20 Canadian, and free shipping in Canada and USA…

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