Exclusive news: new eco-fashion T-Shirts from MUSIC and SONS

music_sons_long_sleeve.jpgItalian fashion brand MUSIC and SONS address a couple of hot spots of our time with their T-Shirt collection.

Firstly, there is the great convenience of solving the wire management in our daily iPod life by integrating the headphone wires seamless into the T-Shirts.

Secondly, MUSIC and SONS T-Shirts come directly from Fair Trade projects such as Aarong or the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION.

Thirdly, MUSIC and SONS is using naturally sustainable materials like BAMBOO. This natural fiber is hypoallergenic, absorbent, and is naturally anti-bacterial so will not hold odor. It also is the most sustainable of the natural fibers, reaching a mature height of 75 feet in just 45 to 60 days. And, because of its natural antibacterial properties, it needs no pesticides.

ORGANIC COTTON plays a big part in MUSIC and SONS T-Shirt collection as well and only 100% pure organically grown cotton is used.

Last but not least, all T-Shirts are hand printed by using eco-friendly water based screen print for a very soft hand feel.

We got word that MUSIC and SONS is launching very soon a new collection of T-Shirts, adding for the first time a long sleeve version (see above) and a new accessory line comprising a Unisex Organic Knot Hat and a Black Music Bag.

Cute items for the street style fashionistas. Rock around the city with MUSIC and SONS music T-Shirts, hat and bag in the most environment caring, fashionable way you can get.

Yeah, I am a fan of those T-Shirts having tested the first one some time ago and got hooked to it. Fortunately my collection has grown to make sure I have one handy all time. Design and style is just great as well as the simplicity of the wire management that make those T-Shirts for me the top ‘MUST HAVE’.

MUSIC and SONS wants to reach out to the world with their line of fair trade products and is looking for distribution agents around the globe. If you or someone you know who could be interested to team up with MUSIC and SONS, you can contact them via this email address: marketing@musicandsons.it


  1. Dear Sir / Madam ,

    We have our own buying house along with Garments manufacturing & exporting units as a joint collaboration with our German partners over here.

    If you are interested to do business with us , Pls. inform, so that we can send you our detail product list of many items of Knitted, Woven & Under Garments etc. along with our companies elaborate information’s .

    Awaiting your reply in the positive fervently. Thanks.

    Warm Regards,

    Apurba Ahmed Apu

    Chief Adviser

    Cell. # + 880 1713 453045

    E-Mail: apu@sagfashion.com & apu.sag@gmail.com

    ” SAG Fashion Ltd. ”


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