DIY – iPod control in the handle of a bag

Magic-dock-connector-bagAniomagic recently introduced the Magic Dock connector for iPod and iPhone control which offers a unique way to integrate remote control functions or the ‘i’ products into all kind of soft, textile based products.

To show off the potential of this Magic Dock connector and to inspire the eTextile community, Aniomagic made another little project around this connector, integrating textile based control buttons into the handle of a Baby Bag.

The materials required are as simple as the dock connector use, conductive thread, conductive fabric patches and the magic dock connector.

How to hack a bag is shown on Aniomagic’s project site.

I like on this little project the way an iPod/iPhone control is integrated in a bag differently compared to the almost standard configuration of 5 or six buttons in a row or circle.


Yes, with these standard designs more control functions are possible but in terms of simplicity and freedom of style/design, the magic dock connector from Aniamagic leaves plenty of room for design creativity.

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