Smart and Inteligent Textiles conference

Smart_textile_conference.jpgI’d like to give you a heads up for the last major event of the Wearable Electronic year: the Smart and Inteligent Textiles Conference organized by Intertech Pira in Prague between Dec. 11-12.

If you can come a day earlier to Prague, you can hear how the latest developments in Nano technology will shape the future of textiles. The Nanotextiles Conference is on Dec. 10.

2007 has been an eventful year for Wearable Electronics. Many new products, think about the Solar bags that haven’t exists, save some exemptions, before 2007. A wide range of iPod ready Jackets for this season keeps your iPod save but accessible through your clothing.

The Smart and Intelligent Textiles Conference has diverse topics spanning the fashion world, represented by Angel Chang, Solar technology for Wearable Electronics as well as the view on Wearable Electronic from one of the biggest apparel and soft goods companies: The North Face.

Visiting this event will be an enrichment for everyone interested and/or active in the Wearable Electronic market.

To bridge the gab between now and the Smart and Inteligent Textiles Conference, I suggest having a look to the new industry insight from Intertech Pira about Photonics Textiles.

This industry insight is about LEDs and optical fibers which are already well established in industries such as telecommunications, but getting also high attention from the textile industry. Photonic textiles – fabrics that contain lighting systems are shown in high end fashion like Hussein Chalayan‘s recent demonstration of the Crystal Dress or in the soon to be launched Lumalive fabric from Philips by Boost.

We hope to see you in Prague in December and don’t forget, talk2myShirt reader can claim a 15% discount on the conference fee by simply quoting what you like to read: talk2myShirt 😉

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