Amazing eTextile switch – the Bow

eTextile-switchRiccardo posted on his blog on our newly launched talk2myShirt Connection an amazing on/off switch concept for eTextile projects: the ON_OFF Switch Bow.

I love this unique idea of translating a mechanical switch to eTextile electronics. Tie a bow like a shoelace and the switch is ‘ON’. Untie the bow and the switch is in ‘OFF’ stage.

The trick behind this bow switch is the use of pressure sensitive eTextile fabric like Riccardo is offering on his online store. When the fabric ribbon is loose, there is no electrical contact on the connection points.

If pressure is applied to the fabric like when the ribbon is tied to a bow, the pressure sensitive eTextile lets the current flow and closes the electrical circuit.

This is a brilliantly simple but very cute textile switch concept for eTextile projects which I am sure some of you will pick up for your next design.


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