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illuminated-textilesLynne Bruning expanded her DIY eTextile portfolio on Instructables with the ‘flexible LED eTextile ribbon array‘ project showing how to create a textile illumination layer in grid form which is light weight and highly flexible, making it ideal to integrate in garments with light up effects.

The basic concept is to form a array with ribbons which have at the center a conductive yarn line running fixed in position via cross stitching on a sewing machine.

On direction of the array is for the positive connection and the other for the negative connection to a battery.

The ribbons are sewn together on the crossing points while the conductive yarn lines face in the opposite direction to avoid short circuit.

The LEDs are attached be sliding the LED legs into the cross stitching of the corresponding positive and negative direction of the ribbons which contains the conductive yarn. No soldering required!

Ribbons for power supply make sure each row in the vertical and horizontal rows are fed with electrical power, lighting up the whole array. There is the link to the Instructables with is richly documented with photos showing each step of the process.


Lynne demonstrates the potential use of a flexible LED array with her beautiful creation called ‘Mrs. Mary Atkins-Holls‘ evening gown.

Coming Monday Nov. 30th starts the Instructables contest Light Up the Night! Lynne’s flexible LED eTextile ribbon is up for voting – so click over and support Lynne for her fabulous contributions to the eTextile community.


  1. Hi,

    I am interested in getting couple of similar gowns with illuminated fabric. Could you let me know if I can avail it anywhere in india?


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