Boombox trend of the 21st Century

ghetto_blaster.jpgWho remembers the days where bigger is better? I am talking about the Ghetto blaster, the Boomboxes that people carried on their shoulders a blast out music in the range of 20 Watt and much more.

This booming trend latest until around the mid nineties. At the turn of the century/millennium (2000) a new trend kicked in where smaller was better, again I am talking here about our portable music player. MP3 player of all sorts competed on size, loudspeaker completely disappeared.

Our audio player became that small so we can use them as watches or even earrings. This small size made it very easy to integrate personal audio players into our clothing and bags, almost invisible.

The loss of the loud speaker in our small personal audio player took away the fun of sharing, wanted or unwanted, of our personal cool tunes. It didn’t take long before a new type of add-on devices emerged to allow us agin to enjoy music without the need to permanently plug the earphones into our ear channels.

So the industry started to recreate the Boombox experience with all sorts of travel speaker, desk speaker and Apple itself made a Boombox for the iPod.

The point of my posting today is that Boomboxes of the 21st century might emerge in a new form: the Boombag.

osiris_g_bag.jpgWe have seen over the last 12 month more and more bags and backpacks coming with integrated sound systems. Those bags are in line with talk2myShirt‘s thinking, building functionality in ‘everyday’ products with a nice, stylish twist and viola – you have the latest booming (business) story.

Integrate sound into bags and add at the same time the UI (User Interface = control buttons) and you give back your tiny personal audio player the big and booming voice.

The Backpack above is the Osiris g-bag that comes with a complete sound system of 10Watt booming out of water resistant speaker. The g-bag can be loaded either with 6 or 12 AA batteries, depending how long your street party will last.

Available via this online store for around $ 200.-

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