Interactive fashion by KILLA

KILLA-interactive-fashionCanadian interactive fashion house KILLA keeps on expanding it’s range of audio apparel with the launch of the ‘Dillinger Varsity‘ jackets for women and men.

The Dilliger Varsity is using QIO systems PANiQ eTextile technology which consists of a fabric based control area in the sleeve of the jacket and connects to a range of PANiQ functional modules allowing to connect to iPod, iPhone, Bluetooth devices and other MP3 player.

Made of high quality fleece with silk lining /double quilted and leather pockets and a textile device control area which blends seamlessly into the fabric of the jacket.

KILLA is offering this great looking jacket is a very limited edition of 20 of each size (S/M/L/XL/XXL) and in the colors heather grey or black. Available only at KILLA’s Architect store 46 Alexander St, Vancover for $260.-

Connecting to electronic gadgets on the go via our jacket doesn’t get more fashionable than with KILLA’s range of technology enabled apparel.

Check out this video and see the Dilliger Varsity jacket in action.

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