Magical, illuminated evening gown by Lynne Bruning

Mrs_Mary-Atkins-Holl-dressLynne Bruning, textile enchantress, award winning fashion designer with love to exclusive wearable art and creator not only of countless, highly interesting eTextile Instructables has published her latest creation of technology enhanced fashion, the ‘Mrs. Mary Atkins-Holl‘ dress, a illuminated evening gown inspired by 19th century fashion but made with 21st century eTextile technology.

Inspired by architect Steven Holl’s ‘The Bloch Building’ addition to the Kansas City Art Museum with it’s ‘… glow, texture, innovative cladding and attention to details is breathtaking’ according to Lynne.

The dress, a creation for the wearable art competition ‘Fused Textiles’, is made off fusible fibers to construct the dress, fusible interfacing to support the fabric and the fusion of a Victorian evening gown pattern with illuminated eTextile.

The illumination of the dress comes from 110 UV (black light) LEDs connected via  conductive thread and powered by a lithium-polymere battery which are light weight batteries with soft encasing.

The ‘making off’ the dress can be found in more detail on Lynne’s Flickr photo stream. This link guides you to the specific section of making the eTextile part and last but not least interesting, Lynne’s Instructables demonstrate how to make a flexible LED eTextile ribbon which I will cover in more detail this weekend.


I love the way Lynne is using textile illumination, creating a soft and magical atmosphere not only for the wearer but also for people around.


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