Wearable Electronic DIY project: digg-me Shirt

digg_me_shirt.jpgOur reader tamberg pointed us to the ‘digg me’ Shirt, a very well documented Wearable Electronic Instructables project and just the right stuff to write about at the end of the week when we switch to an more relaxed mode.

The ‘digg me’ Shirt is a truly Wearable Electronic DIY project combining the usage and creativity of e-textiles, clothing and electronic elements.

Besides many tips and tricks you will see on how to create your own DIY ‘digg-me’ shirt you will find a concept for making your own e-textile switch, very interesting and it looks that this switch works perfectly.

The ‘digg-me’ shirt comes from Instructables member thydzik who has created an excellent instruction down to the smallest details on how everyone can/could create his/her own digg-me Shirt.

A couple of YouTube hosted videos will help you to make your own shirt. The video below shows how the ‘digg-me’ Shirt works:

Wearing this T-Shirt shows everyone around how popular you are – like on the Internet with the digg-it badge on your Blog.

It has never been easier to have double fun: first by building the digg-me shirt and then be wearing it and collecting your diggs.

digg_me.jpgJust in case so you know: ‘digg it’ from digg.com is a place for people to classify content from anywhere on the web. In certain circles a high digg number means importance, relevance, popularity. Collecting many diggs on your shirt will attach those attributes to your Web2.0 citizenship.

I told you at the begin: the weekend is just around the corner, so why not have a bit of fun.

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