Comfy warm ears with the Aerial7 Sound Disk Beanie

Aerial7-Sound-Disk-BeanieWinter is the time when beanies become an essential part of our wardrobe to keep our sensitive ears – and everything between – cozy warm. But covering up the ears makes it a bit cumbersome to use earphones especially the ‘over ear’ type.

Beanies with integrated speakers are one option which emerged just a few years ago, gaining momentum judging on the new releases that pop up continuously this  autumn/winter season.

Aerial7 is currently making sound waves on the internet with the Sound Disk Beanie, offering built in headphones with a 35mm driver diameter for big sound in a small package. Anything with an 3.5mm audio connection will work fine with the Sound Disk Beanie.

The unique twist of this sound beanie is the addition of a in-line microphone that works with the iPhone and other mobile devices.

It will be available globally on December 1st but if you can’t wait, you can order it on Aerial7’s website now for $59.99

[via: ChipChick]

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