e-Pressed, relaxation with a smart Shirt

e-PressedI am truly impressed from e-Pressed, a project made from smart textiles created by a group of smart people: Anja Hertenberger, Barbara Pais, Danielle Roberts.

The aim of the e-Pressed project is to communicate negative emotions such as grief, sadness, pain, fear or anger in a new way, a way to create awareness in the wearer and in others and possible interaction between people.

Bio sensors placed around the shirt pick up the level of stress or anxiety of the wearer and indicate this via embedded LEDs.

Fast blinking indicates a high level of irritation and once the ‘therapy’, the interaction with another person via acupuncture points on the shirt starts, the LEDs flashing frequency slows down in sync with the relaxation level of the wearer until the light goes off, indicating a balanced emotional stage.

The shirt itself is made of two layers, inside and outside layer with the buttons of the pressure areas and the LED’s placed between the inner and outer garment layer.

The galvanic skin response sensor is connected to the Arduino board. The wearer of the shirt has to connect two fingers of his/her left hand to the sensor.


Check out the richly documented and highly interesting project work from the e-Pressed team which is already working on the next version including more soft bio sensors to get higher accuracy on the stress/ anxiety level reading of the wearer.

[via: Fashioning Technology]

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