DIY heated clothing

DIY-Heated-clothingJudging on the many emails we receive from our readers, especially motor bike enthusiasts about heated clothing, this type of clothing is in hot demand, even more so now with cold weather outside.

No serious motorbike owner likes to stop riding the bike just because it is cold but everyone feels more comfortable to stay warm.

Many ask about this cool/hot carbon fiber textile technology that gives even warmth over a complete surface but I haven’t found yet a source from where to buy in smaller quantities suitable for the DIY community.

The next best thing for making your own heated pants or jacket is by using electrically resistive wires and sew it into pants or jackets.

A excellent overview showing how to create heated clothing can be found on Instructables. You will not only see how to integrate the whirring into pants but it also has a wealth of background information about clothing heating theory (the electrical part), links to other interesting information resources and the complete material list.

If you are one of the many motorbike fans and don’t want to stop circling around this winter, click over and start hacking you pants.

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