Wearable Synthesis – let your jacket do the talking

Wearable-sensesWearable Synthesis is a project created by Akira Wakita, Motohiro Tanji, Sohei Kitada, Midori Shibutani, Masa Inakage, Hiroko Uchiyama at the Keio University, Japan back in 2005.

The concept of ‘Wearable Synthesis’ is based on the perception of clothing as a module which in fact most of our clothing is: layers of different clothing for different purpose inner and outer wear, accessories.

‘Wearable Synthesis’ goes a step further and adds input and output functionality to clothing allowing the different parts to exchange information and react on received information.

An example: the inner wear senses the body temperature is going up and tells the outerwear to change color indicating the wearer it’s getting time to adjust the outfit.

Now this example might not sound very useful as everyone will feel instantly when the temperature rises and take off the jacket but the concept of information exchanging clothing is interesting.

Using the same principle would let’s say allow a color change of my T-Shirt when my stress level, detected via a skin resistance sensor, could indicate I am approaching an explosive level so please keep distance.

This concept could also be used for exchanging data between people wearing this smart clothes, not personal, sensitive information but for a playful alteration of clothing elements while passing others or while hanging out together. Not functional or practical but cute.


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