Fashionable, color changing flu-masks

Thermochromic-flu-maskMarjan Kooroshnia, textile design student at the Textile & Fashion school of Borås, Sweden send us her interesting work ‘Look different with smart textiles‘ using Thermochromic ink printing to add visual effects to medical masks.

The visualization can ‘just’ be for fun, adding pattern changing effects to usually not very appealing medical masks or the activation temperature of the Thermochromic ink could be tuned to use it as approximate temperature indication alerting people of possible elevated body temperature.

The color change via Thermochromic (temperature changing) ink is easily triggered be exhaling through the mesh of such masks.

Marjan focuses on textile printing with smart textile materials such as Thermochromic, Photochromic and crystal inks. Her research work investigates the possible use of reactive, color changing technologies for textile printing to enhance the poetic and emotional potentials of textiles.

I must say, as simple as the flu masks (a hot item this flu season around the world) look, they sure can help to brighten up the gloomy situations where people are well advised to use them in public places.


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