Fairytale eFashion

Fairytale-Fashion Fashion Geek Diana Eng started the Fairytale Fashion project with support of Eyebeam with the aim to make magical clothing.

Clothes with blooming flowers, clothes that breathe, change color and transform.

Diana’s education and experience as fashion designer and research at the University of Bath Mechanical Engineering Dept. enables her to combine technology with fashion in exceptionally innovative ways.

Extraordinary as her wearable electronic designs is the project Fairytale Fashion which invites people to actively participate in the design process.

Each Monday, FairytaleFashion.org will have a new video that introduces a technology like inflatable, deployable structures, muscle wire and micro-controllers.

At the end of each video is a design question where readers are encouraged to answer the question which are around what would you like to do with the introduced technology? What kind of function or feature would make a great fashion design option?

The project is running between October to December 2009. Diana is using the feedback to create Fairytale Fashion based on readers input and with the help of her magical eTextile wand needle.

The finished garments will be presented in a fashion show in early 2010.

We will follow the progress and give you updates here on talk2myShirt about theĀ  Fairytale Fashion project.

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