DIY – EL wire trimming

DIY-EL-wireToday’s wearable electronic DIY tip comes from Riccardo (Plug and Wear) and shows how to cut and trim EL (Electro Luminescent) wires in the correct way so you won’t have to compromise with standard length EL wires for your textile illumination projects.

EL wires require inverters to light up and to connect them to the inverter is tricky because the wires to solder are extremely thin.

An EL wire is build up like a coaxial cable with a inner copper conductor covered with a phosphorus paint and the external conductor made of two fine wires. This two strings are covered by an external plastic cover.

With the help of Roccardo’s Instructables ‘Connecting EL wires with uninsulated ferrules‘, solder iron, heat shrink tube and ferrules (metal tubes), pliers, a hair drier you will be able to fabricate custom made EL wires for your next stage wear outfit.


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