Smart Fabrics 2010 conference

SF-300X60The clock started ticking again for the preparations to the 6th Annual Smart Fabrics 2010 conference which will take place from April 14 – 16 in Miami, Florida.

Organized by IntertechPira, the Smart Fabrics conference is one of the most important events in the wearable electronic calendar as it combines research, innovation, business and industry. No other event around wearable electronic can attract more than 150 key player from 24 countries to share views, know-how and experiences under the same roof.

This conference will be of particular interest for people involved in (soft)electronics, textiles, medical, sporting equipment, fashion, and wireless communication as well as military/space agencies and the investment community.

Interested to take an active role in the Smart Fabrics 2010 conference? IntertechPira is now accepting submissions for presentations.

The conference focus is on business issues facing the industry, including market size and growth, case studies, technological advances and hurdles, applications by industry, and design innovations.

Abstracts must be received by November 18, 2009 and may be submitted by fax: +1 207 781 2150 or email:

You can also suggest topic ideas for preconference seminars which are classroom style workshops intended for 20-30 participants. They are designed to provide ample time for in-depth discussion, questions and answers, and student-instructor interaction.

talk2myShirt will keep you updated on a regular basis about the conference preparation until the Smart Fabrics starts in April 2010.

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