H-bomb, the worlds first heated wetsuit from Rip Curl

H-bomb-heated-wetsiutIt took Rib Curl three years to design, test and optimize the H-bomb heated wetsuit but it finally has arrived. Cold weather will never again be a show stopper for dedicated surfer with this high tech wetsuit.

The heating elements are placed at the back and made of carbon fiber configured to allow maximum levels of stretch.

Two Lithium-ion, 7.4 volt batteries are positioned on the lower back where body torque is least required, having the least impact on wear comfort and your surfing experience.

When the body is faced with extreme cold conditions the heating system automatically acts to protect the bodies core and internal organs by restricting blood flow to those areas farthest from your heart. That’s why hands and feet go numb when surfing in cold conditions.

The H-Bomb elements are placed along the spine to warm the core and therefore allows the body to keep pumping blood to the extremities. A complete charged set of batteries will give three hours of heat = three hours longer in the water or three hours in waters you usually won’t go without the H-bomb.


The heating system, including the batteries, have been extensively tested for impact, vibration, thermal short circuit, overcharge and waterproofing. All test results complied with appropriate accredited safety standards.

The batteries and electronics have been engineered so it is almost impossible for the wearer to receive any form of an electric shock.

Available in various off line and online stores like this one for around $1000.- a small price for the opportunity to extend the surfing season.

[via: Gizmo Watch]

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