Step by step music control with MP3 shoes

MP3-shoesChannel Five’s The Gadget Show presenters Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury were each asked to create a wearable gadget of the future.

With some ideas in mind they turned to product design and innovation consultants Smallfry to help make their ideas a reality.

Suzi Perry opted to develop a pair of futuristic MP3 shoes to house the electronics within the soles of the high-heeled shoes.

My google search came up with plenty of musical shoe concepts and ideas but Perry’s shoe is somewhat outstanding.

Instead of just playing music Suzi’s pair of shoes control an MP3 player remotely using dance moves – a nice twist for an music remote control and certainly an unique feature for a shoe music player.

Controlling sound – or music – in a shoe might not look at first very ‘useful’ but it does open a creative door into the possibility to add audible features to fashion design which so far is relying fully on static, visual effects to create differentiation and character for clothing, shoes and bags.

Watch the entire Episode 9 – Future Tech show which revolves around wearable technology by following this link.


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