Equalizer Music Hat

equalizer-music-hatIt was only a matter of time and some creative thinking until the EL decals move from T-Shirts to hats. The Equaliser Music Hat is a cute looking alternative to EL T-Shirts to use your music to visually spice up your hat this winter season.

Why only use static embroidery, print of weaving pattern to make a hat more colorful. Animated style elements a much more appealing and fitting into our technology penetrated lifestyle.

Simply attach the hat to the headphone socket of your iPod, smart phone or any MP3 player with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Equalizer Music Hat not only has the cool, animated sound bars but also features integrated headphones. No need to plug in your earbuds, just put on the hat and rock away.

2 x CR2032 Batteries are needed to make the EL sound bars move, no battery power is needed if you want to use this hat as cozy warm headphones without the animation.

The website ‘I want one of those‘ is selling the Equalizer Music Hat for £19.99 (around $32.-)

[via: TechFresh]


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