Flowtime: wearable electronics for yoga

flowtimeWearable electronic is currently on stage at the Dutch Design Week held between Oct 17 and 25 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The wearable electronic concepts are the creation of students participating in the ‘Wearable Senses‘ course at the Department of Industrial Design of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

‘Wearable Senses’ aims to educate Industrial Design students in the area of Wearable Electronics.

We will introduce the students and their concepts on talk2myShirt in a mini series which can be conveniently accessed via our Wearable Senses category.

We begin with the project ‘Flowtime‘ created by Ralph Zoontjens.

‘Flowtime’ is a concept consisting of a jacket and a software application that guides people through yoga postures in a casual way.

The jacket contains fabric stretch and bend sensors and a belt with five vibration motors on the back. A device worn at the front of the belt connects to software with a virtual on-screen yoga trainer that encourages the practitioner to align breath and movement.


Several circles, each one representing one sensor signal, indicate the accuracy of the yoga posture and the more in synchronized, the more they will come together.

In the end, all the circles will flow together into one visual effect. The vibrations will act as tactile guide, so the practitioner is not dependent on the visual and auditory only.

A great concept, reminds me a bit on the balance board of the Wii. Maybe Nintendo can add this to their Wii accessory range?

The cool function of this concept is: it works in a 3 dimensional space unlike a sensor mat which only captures 2 dimensional movements.

Check out the video below and see how ‘Flowtime’ works:

To close with the words of Ralph: “Technology becomes a peripheral signal that recedes into the background of awareness and helps people become one with their body and mind.”


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