Quiksilver Cypher PS+ Heated Vest system

Quiksilver_Cypher-Heated-VestQuiksilver introduces a battery powered heat vest that can be worn under any wetsuit. The CYPHER PS+ Heat Vest System delivers hours of heat to maintain core temperature allowing enthusiastic surfer to extend their surfing experience in cooler conditions.

The Cypher PS+ Heat Vest utilizes flexible water proof carbon pads to house the powered heat elements and distribute heat to the body and water within the wetsuit.

These pads are incorporated into a light weight polypropylene vest which can be worn under any wetsuit and serves as an additional thermal layer.

Far Infra-Red heat technology (we posted about it some time ago) is a safe and therapeutic form of heat that is free from hot wires or electromagnetic fields. The far infra red heat technology has been incorporated into flat flexible carbon pads to distribute heat and seal it off from direct water contact.

The CYPHER PS+ Heat Vest System comes with rechargeable battery that will last 2 hours on ‘High’ setting and has two other setting option of ‘medium’ and ‘low’ spanning a temperature range from 116 – 129 degree Fahrenheit.


Heated clothing is opening more and more clothing segments  showing once again how technology enhanced clothing can add value that is/was not possible before wearable electronic development took place.

The Quiksilver Cypher PS+ Heated Vest retails for around 199.- and is available on various surf shops online like this one.


  1. This is a great idea….but I dont see where this product has been approved for sale by the watchdog in the sky…..the FDA. There seem to be a load of new far infrared products available, but according to my research, products not done right either don’t truly do the FIR thing properly or give out EMR. Products that do it right not only have FDA approval (I read that they are treating FIR products as medical devices) they give off negative ions….a much better situation…..

  2. I’m happy to see the convergence of so many technologies with carbon pads and Far infrared into a heated vest that has a practical heat duration for outdoor enthusiasts like me.

  3. Electrically heated clothing like the above mentioned above, would be a great way of reducing your gas and electric bill by 90 %. In fact, some of the new electrically heated clothing seems to have plug-in hybrid power sources, so that although the batteries of such clothing last only a few hours, you can plug these to the 12 Volt DC power adapter when you are sitting at your desk.

  4. Heated clothing using FIR is the best as it has many health benefits along with the comfy warmth outdoors in winter. It’s even better that the heat elements are kept waterproof, making it usable underwater as well.

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