Geek chic – DIY alarm purse

Alarm-purseToday’s weekend DIY project is about upgrading a purse with a personal alarm system. Sadly, especially for women it is always a good advice to have a kind of personal alarm device in the pocket or bag while walking alone in most of the big cities around the world.

But having the personal alarm device inside the bag sometimes might render is useless as it has to be found first in a stressful situation. So – why not integrating it into a bag with a concealed activation button reachable from the outside?

Norene Leddy from Project Aphrodite who run the workshop ‘Project Walkway‘ last year about girls hacking their shoes, created a DIY instruction on how to upgrade a purse with an alarm system.

The project itself is fairly simple to follow, it shows a more attachment solution rather then a more integrated solution but nevertheless, the idea is interesting and expandable for further optimization and upgrades.

You can find the instruction which are also printed in the MAKE Magazine, Volume 19, in .pdf form via this link and check out the video below to see how the Alarm Purse works.

[via: Make Magazine]

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