ECO-fashion: T-Shirt shows melting polar ice cap

polar-ice-cap-shirtWith the help of thermochromic ink technology Webelow Wear is painting an animation on T-Shirts showing the global warming effect on the polar ice cap over the past 30 years.

Webelow Wear’s Polar Ice Cap Shirt is the most sensible T-Shirt design I have seen. Sensible in terms of the message it conveys and sensible in the purest sense – it senses the temperature. This concept, made possible with the use of color changing inks, shows the greenhouse melting effect in a very impressive and surprising way.

As long as the ambient temperature together with the bodies heat radiation stays below 96.8 Fahrenheit (36 degree Celsius) the T-Shirt shows the polar ice cap size from 1980 but the ice will start melting away when the temperature rises to 96.8 Fahrenheit and reveals the size of the polar ice we have now in 2009.

A shocking, beautiful and fashionable transformation with a strong message. The Polar Ice Cap Shirt can be picked up for $30.- at Webelow Wear’s online shop.

The short video clip below shoes the transformation of the polar ice cap on the T-Shirt:


  1. This is an AWESOME idea for a shirt. Can’t wait to wear one…..hope the designer comes up with a whole lot more.

  2. for those that asked if the headphones are REAL, YES they are! if I remember correctly, I think they mentioned they worked with BOSE on the headphones, so quality should be pretty good!

  3. Good post and nice idea to design on t shirt! I usually wear highest quality apparel for my casual wear and don,t compromise on quality of clothes!

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