Solar power on the go

solar-power-caseSolar power , a hot topic around the world as it has the power to lessen, to minimize the negative impact our electrical power hungry lifestyle is having on planet earth.

Solar power generating plants in deserts, solar power generator on roof tops and buildings are a sign of the growing awareness of solar energy.

All those solar power generator are stationary while our personal devices in our pockets are always on the move with us.

Solar generating clothing is one way the make solar power generation more mobile, solar bags are another alternative but how about a solar power harvesting, protective case for our electronic pocket devices?

Seeing cellphones or computers coming to the market with solar panels integrated makes me a bit worried on how a cellphone or computer could possibly withstand sun exposure over a couple of hours to generate electrical energy. From my experience of leaving these delicate devices exposed to sun usually causes damage, ranging from cosmetic deceleration and deformation on the housing and end up in functional damage of the device.

That’s why I am in favor of solar clothing, bags and cases as all of them protect a device while being used to be exposed to sun and other weather elements.

Point in case: Chinagrabber is offering a solar power case for $32.99 with an integrated battery of 2500mAh capacity, enough to charge phones and MP3 player a couple of times. They include an USB connection cable and AC charger for the case as well as 10 different cellphone plugs to connect to most cellphones on the market.

Chinagrabber claims the solar case generates power for 100 minutes of talk time when exposed to full sunlight for one hour.

Getting solar power in form of protective cases for electronic devices when it is most needed – outdoors and exposed to sunlight – makes perfect sense and reason to get one although the color choice is limited to blue only.

Maybe more companies will join the smart mobile solar power market for cases and bags to provide more sensible choices.


  1. Solar Energy is one of the best sources of clean and green electricity. I think that we should build more efficient solar thermal power plants and solar cells. frequently. “

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