TouchTec gloves keep fingers warm while operating touch screens

touchtec_iPhone-gloveAs most of the newer personal devices feature touch sensitive input usually via the screen, operating them during cold winter days can become an annoyance. Conventional, old tech gloves have to be taken off before one can even pick up a phone call.

See, electronic technology advances at a high speed but we or our clothing sometimes fall behind this rapid development and we are not able to operate them properly at times.

Touch sensitive gloves have been around for a year now as some innovative minds figured out the problem and a solution by adding conductive yarn patches on the tip of the index finger which will make the necessary skin resistance contact with the touch screens’ surface.

As with any new innovation and product idea, over time simple and limited offers on the market will expand through new companies joining the this market segment.

Gaspar Gloves is offering for this winter season a range of TouchTec® gloves which are based on a patented nano-technology that gives new functionality to a variety of textiles and leather. It enables the wearer of TouchTec Gloves to operate any touch screen devices without removing gloves.

The touch sensible gloves come in a range of different styles for women and men and can be picked up here with prices ranging from $225.- up to almost $300.- but how much value would you put on having warm fingers while operating your touch sensitive devices?

[via: ChipChick]

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