Zegna Ecotech Solar Jacket

Zegna_Ecotech-Solar-JacketItalian’s high end fashion brand  Ermenegildo Zegna is making a big impact again in the innovative, technology enhanced fashion arena with the launch of the Ecotech Solar Jacket as part of the Zegna Sport collection.

Almost 2 years after Zegna introduced the first top brand solar jacket in the market, the Solar JKT which had removable solar panels on the collar, a position I am not very convinced to be the best location on a jacket to harvest solar energy, Zegna moved the solar panels in the Ecotech Solar Jacket to the sleeves on the upper arms.

As in the first solar jacket version, the solar panels and storage battery can be detached to use it as stand alone solar power system and to remove it when cleaning the jacket.

The solar panels and battery are connected inside the jacket via a textile cable system which can safely withstand the washing cycle.

To fully justify the ‘ECO’ label, Zegna not only integrated the solar power feature but also made the Ecotech Solar Jacket from 100% recycled plastic sources. This new groundbreaking production process combines high level technical performance with the protection of the environment.

The on-jacket storage battery is capable to charge almost any portable electronic device such as cell phones, MP3 player and the likes. A full charge of the jackets battery requires four to five hours of direct sunlight, so a extended walk in the sunny autumn afternoon gives you pone free load for your beloved gadget.

Zegna Sports technical partners for this advanced solar power jacket have been German based Interactive Wear and Italian based Thermore.

Watch the YouTube video below showing the ‘making off’ Zegna Sports Ecotech Solar-Jacket:


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