Soft circuit techniques

soft-circuitTriggered by Jennifer Dopazo‘s short presentation posting on Fashioning Technology about the process of fabricating an ‘iron on textile PCB’, I looked around to see what options the eTextile designer has when it comes to softening up the electronic world.

If you every wondered how a textile PCB can be made, flip through the presentation below. It’s by far not as complicated than to create a hard, stiff, conventional PCB. Calm down electronic fan boys and girls – textile PCBs are also by far not as complex as their stiff grand father.

Beside the Iron-on conductive fabric there are other options to create a textile PCB like the DIY multi layer PCB from Lynne Bruning – my personal favorite of making soft circuit boards sheets.

Another method is to use embroidery technique or sewing to create a network of conductive lines with electrically conductive yarn on a piece of cloth as show here for example on EduWear’s website.

Knowing about the different options on soft circuit creation allows wearable electronic fashion designer to select the method best fitting to their creation process and for DIY enthusiasts plenty of ideas for the next soft circuit projects.

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